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RANT, Released February 21, 2008

With this, their sixth CD, Wicked Tinkers have confirmed their place as pioneers of the Tribal Celtic Music movement.
Highland Pipes, pounding Drums, Didgeridoo and Bronze-age Irish Horn are still here aplenty but on “Rant” they explore new territory with more adventurous arrangements, the Uilleann or Irish Pipes, new songs and friends.

Track 1. Dean Set (3:27)
An Drochaid Cluiteach, Swallows Tail, Mac Faddend Reel

Track 2. Colkitto's Jigs (4:12)
MacAllistrum's March, McGuier's Jig, Ten Penny Bit, Rocking the Baby

Track 3. Donald MacGillivray (3:44)
Donald MacGillivray, Man of the House

Track 4. Swing Set (4:09)
The Gypsys Warning, Devil in the Kitchen, Lady Loudon, Rejected Suitor, Sandy Cameron

Track 5. MacFarlane's Lantern (5:22)
Thogail nam Bo

Track 6. Smallpipe Set (3:56)
Northern California Camanachd Club

Track 7. The Curmudgeon (5:26)
Boyles Heir, Lesa MacEwan, Fionnlagh's First Foray, The Curmudgeon

Track 8. Pat Collin's Fancy (6:34)
Eanach Dhuin, Maggie in the Woods

Track 9. Last Embers (1:46)
Didgeridoo Solo

Track 10. The Shinty Boys (4:16)
Boys of the Eilan, The Bught, Camanachd Assoc. Centenary March

Track 11. The Hog (3:39)
The Hog, Hills of Perth

Track 12. The Rant (3:32)
Cameronian Rant, Caber Feidh

Track 13. Shenavallie Farm (6:19)
Night Drive to Drumuie, Western Thunder, Traditional Reel, Shenavallie Farm


Lesa MacEwan - Vocals
Lesa is a singer/songwriter who has performed for many years as well as appeared on numerous recordings. She also wrote the lyrics for the album, “Celtic Myst” on which she sang. Lesa is very proud of both her Scottish and Irish heritage which may have had something to do with her marrying Aaron...

Michael Mullen
Violin: Made by Emile Mennesson, Reims, France, circa 1890
Michael loves fiddling, whether it’s playing Celtic rock in front of thousands, or just enjoying some quiet tunes with a few friends. He has drawn the bow across the strings all his life, and continues to explore new horizons and delve deeper into well-known territories as well.

Michael MacFarlane, FSA Scot
Vocals: The leader of the International Clan Macfarlane Society and has had a short singing career in the LA Underground Punk Scene in the late 1980's. Michael is dedicated to the preservation of Scottish and Celtic Antiquities and was delighted to help preserve part of MacFarlane History with the release of "Thogail Nam Bo". •