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LOUD - Released March, 2002

Welcome to our third cd. On this recording you will find what we call ‘Gaelic Bagpipe Music’ — not the refined playing of a modern pipe band, but our own version of these ancient, tribal sounds. WICKED TINKERS perform the kind of music you might have heard hundreds of years ago at a Scottish wedding, ceilidh, or around the campfire of a Highland raiding party. We blend the emotion and power of the Great Highland Bagpipe with the pounding of raw tribal rhythms and on this cd add the haunting tones of the Corn na hÉireann— the Bronze Age Irish Horn— a sound lost for millennia. We play the music of the Scottish Highlands, spicing it with the Celtic tunes of Ireland and the many lands graced by the Gaelic people.


1) BOG (4:44)
Raigmore • Ebeneezer Cooper

2) JIG SET (4:37)
Brae Riach • Glasgow Police Pipers • Braes of Melinish • Lord Dunmore’s • The Bride in her Shift • The Curlew

3) CABAR FEIDH (3:18)
Cabar Feidh • Haughs of Cromdale

4) GAELIC AIRE (3:08)
Fair Maid of Barra

5) 6/8 MARCHES (5:25)
Bonawe Highlanders • Carlsbad 2000 • Gaelic Week in Vancouver • Colonel Robertson

6) I WILL GO: (4:59)
I Will Go • Hey Johnny Cope • Lochaber No More

Wicked Tinker's Welcome/Farewell to Whisky • Donald Varella's Jig • The Wicked Tinkers

Piper of Drummond • Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn

Sweetpea’s Dance

10) SLIP JIG SET (3:31)
Loch Rannoch • Tending the Cattle with a Heavy Heart • Kenny's Dance with his Sweetheart • The Mountain Dairy Maid • The Heroic Lad

11) JIGS & REELS (3:36)
Out Of The Air • Lynn's Message • The Cook in the Kitchen • Brenda Stubbert's •
The Sorcerer • Kelsey's Wee Reel

Tulloch Castle • The Islay Ball • Bessie MacIntyre • The Sheepwife

Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay

14) REEL JAM (5:17)
Sleepy Maggie • Sugar Merchant • High Road to Linton • Jock Wilson's Ball • The Wig • Donald’s Wedding •
Dunrobin Castle • The Ale is Dear • Unknown • Miss Girdle • Kylebhan Reel

15) FAVORITES(2:43)
Flower of Scotland • Black Bear


Tim Martin
Bones: Wood, made by Tom Mooney

Scott Fraser
Darabukka (T): Turkish

Produced by: Thistle Pricks

Recorded and Mixed by: Scott Fraser at Architecture, Los Angeles CA.

Mastered by: Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Graphic Design & Production: Warren Casey

Photography: Evan Hurd

Copy Editor: Wendy Weisenberg & Aaron Shaw

Thanks to:
Wendy Weisenberg (for her endless support); Lesa MacEwan;
Virginia, Alysia & Allison Jones (for their support); Max and Sue Groszmann ;
Wendy Brickman (P.R. extraordinaire); The Parkers, (Guy, Betty, Brianna and wildman Bryce);
The Toasted Bun (our office/ diner); The College of Piping, Glasgow, Scotland;
Scott Fraser (for making us sound better than we deserve);
Graham and Trish at the Didgeridoo Store, Fullerton, CA;
Bill Dell and Darren Smith (for their tremendous hospitality);
Ralph at Clansman Knitwear; Madelyne at R.P. Blandford and Son;

Special Thanks to the Celtic Art Centre, Los Angeles, CA- place of our genesis and the best Monday night seisiúns forever!

Warren Casey and Keith Jones use Vic Firth sticks

Keith Jones uses Aquarian heads and Pure Sound Percussion

Wayne Belger plays Walton bodhrans and Lewis Burns didgeridoos

Aaron and Warren wear kilts by Clansman Knitwear, Oakland, CA

Keith and Wayne wear kilts by R.P. Blandford and Son, Redlands, CA

Wicked Tinkers sporrans by Craigie Originals

Bagpipe supplies from Thomson and Son Bagpipes, Flagstaff, AZ

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