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Banger for Breakfast - Released June, 2003
“BANGER* FOR BREAKFAST, is Wicked Tinker’s fourth attempt at music recording.It’s live and raw – like you’ll usually find us at the Scottish Highland Games. “Banger” originally started out with 60 hours of music recorded live across the country. We whittled it down to a couple hours of our greatest hits. This first of two CDs, is a bunch of favorites snatched from our three previous releases, with ten new tunes thrown in to boot. All this in one tribal-thumping CD. You’ll find your body moving against your consent.

*Bang•er: (bang´er) n. Chiefly Brit. 1. making bang. 2. A short little greasy British sausage. 3. A noisy old car.


1) HUGH ROSS - Bellingham, WA (3:05)
Hugh Ross of Glen Calvie • Good Drying • In and Out of the Harbour • The High Drive

2) JIGS & REELS - Enumclaw, WA (3:40)
Out Of The Air • Lynn's Message • Cook in the Kitchen • Brenda Stubbert's Reel • The Sorcerer •
Kelsey's Wee Reel

3) THOSE MARCHING O'NEILLS - Enumclaw, WA (4:56)
The March of the O'Neills

4) CABAR FEIDH - Enumclaw, WA (3:36)
Cabar Feidh • Haughs of Cromdale

5) DANNY BOY - St. Paul, MN (1:11)
Danny Boy


Awel Mara • The Calaveras Zils • Maggie's Pancakes • The Bulgarian Bandit • Tommy Hunt's Jig

8) JUST SOME JIGS - Woodland, CA (3:37)
Cailleach an Dudain • City of Glasgow Police Pipers • The Banjo Breakdown

9) HARRY'S HORNPIPES - Antioch, CA (2:49)
Jake Warren • With Drummers in Mind

10) ATHOLL HIGHLANDERS - St. Paul, MN (3:56)
The Atholl Highlanders • The Train Journey North

11) SLIP JIG SET - Fresno, CA (3:15)
Tending the Cattle with a Heavy Heart • Kenny's Dance with his Sweetheart

12) SEAL SET - Enumclaw, WA (3:56)
Marion's Call • Ridhil nan Rón

13) “PIPER’S LUNG” Rant (:30)

14) HORNPIPE/JIG SET - Enumclaw, WA (2:31)
The Man From Skye • The Judge's Dilemma

& BLACK BEAR HORNPIPE - Fresno, CA (3:11)
Amazing Grace • Scotland the Brave • Black Bear

16) “RED HOT METAL” Blether (2:10)

17) HAMMERED - St. Paul , MN (2:32)
The Hammer on the Anvil

18) JAM WITH MEN OF WORTH - Enumclaw, WA (4:31)
Sleepy Maggie • The Sugar Merchant • Bratach Bana

19) “SORTING HAT” Patter (:34)

20) THE PUMPKIN'S FANCY - Fresno, CA (2:29)
The Pumpkin’s Fancy

21) WALLOP THE CAT - Antioch, CA (3:03
Wallop the Cat • The Golden Penny

22) BOG - Woodland, CA (4:22)
Raigmore • Ebeneezer Cooper


Donnie MacDonald, Men of Worth,
Octave Mandolin & Vocals

James Keigher, Men of Worth,

Produced by: Thistle Pricks

Recorded on location at various venues, across America

Mixed by: Scott Fraser at Architecture, Los Angeles, CA.
Captured on an Apple Powerbook G3 computer and a FireLite 30 GB hard drive with Digital Performer 3.01,
and two “Mark of the Unicorn” (MOTU) 828s. All really great products.

A very special thanks to Scott Fraser for his ideas and support with the engineering
for “On Location Recording”. He has been a great resource in the new world of digital recording.

Mastered by: Brian Gardner, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Graphic Design & Production: Warren Casey & Wendy Weisenberg
Photography : Dan Harrison Digital Photography, Jamestown, CA -
All photos of Wicked Tinkers shot at Calaveras Celtic Faire, Thanks Patrick, for having us.
Banger Shot: Warren Casey
Copy Editor: Wendy Weisenberg & Aaron Shaw

Special thanks to our fans and audiences for your very vocal & physical support of our shows. You make it possible.

Thanks to:
Elaine Jacobsohn, owner of Wallace Arms Pub, Antioch, California,; The Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games, Enumclaw, Washington,; MacAlester College Scottish Country Fair, MacAlester College, St. Paul , Minnesota,; Sacramento Highland Games, Woodland, California; Fresno Highland Games, California,; Bellingham Highland Games,; And to all the other Festivals/Games: Mid Winter, Calaveras, Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Rhode Island, San Diego, Dunsmuir House, Flagstaff, Monterey, Sweet Home, Loch Lomond and Rio Rancho

Warren Casey and Keith Jones use Vic Firth sticks
Keith Jones uses Aquarian heads and Pure Sound Percussion
Wayne Belger plays Mountain Rhythm and Lewis Burns Didgeridoos

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