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Wicked Tinkers Land Cruise FAQs

Q: Can we drink alcohol on this adventure?
A: Yes. Can and will.

Q: Do I have to drink alcohol on this adventure?
A: No, you don't. More for us...

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol on this adventure?
A: Not inside the passenger area of the bus. Our insurance specifically prohibits outside alcohol being consumed on the bus. You can pack it in your luggage, but no ice chests, coolers, etc.

Q: What if someone gets drunk and unruly? or just starts causing a problem?
A: They will be immediately let off the bus, where ever this occurs. So, yeah, good idea is for "someone" to not cause a problem.

Q: Can I smoke or vape on the bus?
A: No. Although we can not stop you from incidental off-gassing if the form of cellular degradation, all other smoking, vaping, huffing, etc. is prohibited while on the bus.

Q: How long is the driving part of the cruise?
A: Charter company estimates 7 hours each way

Q: I am about to buy airline tickets, this thing is gonna for sure happen, right?
A: Here is the Deal. When it comes to travle, nothing is for sure. So, personally, I would fly Southwest, so if something goes awry, you can use the flight(s) later...

Q: The S.S. Wicked? Is this some broken down old school bus? or abandon 'hound or somthin?"
A: No. We will be travling in comfort and style! The S.S Wicked is equipped with a restroom, reclining seats, Wi-Fi/electrical outlets, full audio-video entertainment systems, DVD players and ample storage so you can relax and be comfortable. Well, as much as you can before the mayhem starts, anyway...

Q: What do you mean by "Beverages will be available for a modest charge"?
A: "Beverages" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) will be available for a modest charge. The charge depends on how cheap we can get 'em... we will pass the savings on to you! (bring small bills!)

Q: Are these good hotels?
A: Yep. 4 star.

Q: Why do I need a credit card? I paid in advance...
A: It is required to check into the hotel(s). Sorry, no credit card, no trip.

Q: Are we driving straight through? or will there be stops?
A: Pretty sure there will be stops...

Q: I have special needs. Can you accomodate me?
A: I don't know. Shoot us an email before you book, and we'll find out.

Q: How do I get around, like to the games and stuff, once we get to Salt Lake?
A: Best bet is to split a cab or Uber, The venue is about 2 miles from the hotel, so should be cheap. There is also a trolley two blocks from the hotel that goes right to the venue (and downtown). $2.50 each way, or $6.25 buys you a day pass. Trains run every 20 minutes. More info, schedules, maps and stuff, here...

Q: Do you have a map of the area, and the hotel and stuff?
A: Sure, here you go...

Q: How much money should I bring?
A: Well, I don't know...all of it? It really depends on you. You are getting lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as well as snacks/water/soda at the VIP tent. Basically you will need money for other food, and "beverages"". well, and cabs or light rail...and your extensive bar tab...

MORE FAQ's Coming soon!