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The fifth CD and companion to BANGER FOR BREAKFAST. We have found that our live recordings seem to really capture who we are, musically and dynamically. On this recording, we had Tyler Spencer (his band REEBLE JAR) re-record the didgeridoo parts - hence ALMOST LIVE. We are an interactive band; we try to engage with our audiences so an instrument or two might get quieter or louder at some points. Don't worry, one or another of us is probably playing on someone's table or having a quick 'beverage' in the middle of a set. While you may hear the odd slip here or there, with this recording you'll feel the energy of our live show! Slainte.

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1. Dream - Enumclaw, Washington
2. Hey - Wallace Arms Pub, Antioch, California
3. Wicked Tinkers - Monterey, California
4. 6/8 Marches - Woodland, California
5. Fiollaigean - Flagstaff, Arizona
6. Glasses of Wine - Antioch, California
7. Birds - Antioch, California
8. Toasty - St. Paul, Minnesota
9. Aaron’s Set - Antioch, California
10. Farmer - Flagstaff, Arizona
11. Terror Time & Ferret - Woodland, California
12. Wicked Bough - Long Beach, California
13. Drummers Jigs - Monterey, California
14. Flower of Scotland & Black Bear - Enumclaw, Washington
15. Weird Jigs & B-52 - Woodland, California
16. Radar - Enumclaw, Washington

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